Trading Technology

We empower you with the right technology

We give you the right technology to minimise risk, optimise profits and give you the competitive edge. With your needs at the heart of everything we do, we provide technology that ticks every box.

Our technology is designed with risk management, operational excellence and deep analytics embedded into the platform

It is robust, reliable and sophisticated, with risk management tools, intelligence and automation built-in. It is more than a bridge, it is a risk engine.

You can benefit from our innovative solutions or we can work with any existing or complementary technology

There isn’t a recognised industry vendor or system we can’t work with. This means you get the very best infrastructure that connects you to the right services with tailored support to meet your needs.

Ultimately, we can provide your technology to you, or manage it for you

We can help you with your entire infrastructure or just specific components, whatever works for you, and keeps you working.

Unique partnerships
with our clients

As with all our solutions, we can manage this for you or hand over these capabilities so you can do it yourself.


Offer FIX API Trading

Accept FIX API flow from any FIX engine and offer FIX API trading to clients using any bridge or trading application.


MT4/MT5 Bridge

This innovative software, designed by risk managers, connects brokers directly to the liquidity providers of their choice and allows brokers to tailor their books of business to balance profitability and risk.


Manage Risk

Best in class functionality and flexibility gives you the tools to manage and adjust cover and hedge settings in real time without having to restart servers or edit client groups.

Manage orders based upon account or group, time of day, symbol, order size, account balance, leverage, client order comment, and more. In addition, pricing can be customized within the bridge allowing you to easily control markups, min/max spreads, and liquidity provider routing.


Reduce Plugin

Reduce the number of plugins on your server to eliminate the technology risk associated with having multiple competing rules running, as well as eliminating the associated costs.

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