Risk Intelligence

We give you insight when you need it most

We give you the data to proactively optimise your trade flow, manage your exposure and give you the competitive edge.

Due to our unique position – combining oversight of more than 1.5 trillion USD of traded volume per month with our extensive risk management expertise

We give you insight into your business and foresight on the market.

Best outcome from the market conditions

Our risk intelligence solutions are designed for high performing risk managers that want to push beyond limits.

Unique partnerships
with our clients.

As with all our solutions, we can manage this for you or hand over these capabilities so you can do it yourself.


Unique Insight

You can tap into our unique insights so you can analyse your trading activity and take the required action to mitigate risk and optimise profits.



You can leverage our team of risk managers who will give you actionable insights and real-time recommendations so you can take fast informed action to mitigate risk and optimise profits.


Optimise Outcome

Ultimately, we help you to understand what is happening or about to happen, and help you to take the right actions so you get the best outcome from the market conditions.

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