MT4 and MT5 White Label

Startup Solutions

In response to client demand for enhanced functionality we now offer both MetaTrader4 (MT4) and MetaTrader5 (MT5) whitel label solutions. MetaTrader is one of the most popular broker trading platforms in the world, used by thousands of brokerages and millions of traders worldwide. Using iS Risk white-label solutions enables you to deliver a branded version to your clients quickly and effectively without a huge capital outlay.

Starting a brokerage does not have to come with a significant price tag or expenditure of resources. We offer competitive MT4 and MT5 white label solutions to brokers who do not wish to purchase a MetaQuotes license or take on the cost of the associated technology infrastructure.

Using Our MetaTrader offering delivers a branded version to your clients quickly, effectively and at minimal cost

  • Start-up broker and full white-label solutions for MT4 and MT5
  • Connect to the liquidity provider of your choice
  • Onboard clients onto your own branded instance of MT4 or MT5
  • Use iS Risk proprietary MT4 or MT5 Bridge and Risk engine to manage your client’s execution experience
  • FIX API for algorithmic trading.
  • 24/5.5 support
  • Unrivalled expertise

Unique partnerships
with our clients.

As with all our solutions, we can manage this for you or hand over these capabilities so you can do it yourself.


Low Cost

Upfront costs are less than 10% of the cost of purchasing an MT4 or MT5 service license.


Profit Driven

Our experienced staff will handle the server setup, monitoring and maintenance, as well as the configuration and management of groups.



With white labels hosted in Equinix London or New York you are able to co-locate and cross-connect to the liquidity providers of your choosing. In addition, we support a full suite of API’s to integrate to your back office, CRM and website.

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