Trading and operational risk solutions for retail brokers.

We provide world-class technology, proven risk management solutions, real-time risk analytics, and comprehensive consulting services to brokers of all sizes across the globe.



We hire the brightest minds in the market and empower them to innovate and proactively help our clients perform better.



Our proprietary trading technology is designed with risk management, operational excellence and deep analytics embedded into the platform.



We oversee more than 1.5 trillion USD of traded volume per month, giving us access to more data than anyone else on the planet.

Our products

We are a leading provider of risk management technology and consultancy services to brokers across the globe.

iS Risk delivers tools and resources that enable brokers of all sizes to more effectively manage risk and maximise profit by providing world-class technology, effective risk management solutions, forensic analytics, and comprehensive consulting services.


Risk Management

We give you the expertise and tools needed to manage risk across your operations.


Risk Intelligence

We give you insight when you need it most, to optimise trade flow, manage your exposure and give you a competitive edge.


Trading Technology

We empower you with the right technology to minimise risk and optimise profits.


Managed IT Solutions

We can help you with your entire stack or just specific components.


MT4 & MT5 White Label

Using our white label delivers a branded version to your clients quickly.

Our approach

Building a partnership
on trust and quality.

We work with the largest retail brokers in the world through to start-ups, and everything in between.

Start up

We give you everything you need to get started and accelerate growth by offering a bolt-on trading desk with world-class risk management capabilities.

We have the expertise and technology to set-up and manage your trading platform, connect you with your clients and your liquidity provider, manage your risk and optimise your trading book. You just focus on sales, marketing and on-boarding clients.


We help you with any support and services you need as you grow, expanding your customer solutions and geographic coverage.

We have the expertise, technology and services to help you plan and make the transition in a way that will meet your goals, with a unique view of your position relative to the rest of the market. You can maintain growth while we optimize your operations.


We compliment your trading desk and risk management team, giving you a different perspective that will help you to maintain growth and optimise profits.

We have oversight of more than 1.5 trillion USD of traded volume per month and translate this extensive dataset into real-time analytics and insight that brings significant value to your operations. You get a second pair of eyes with the best view of the global markets.